Aki Sung Oi-yau

Landscape-Hong Kong, 2020

Multimedia: Etching, Drawing
56 x 76 cm each
Artist collection

Aki Sung Oi-yau, "Landscape-Hong Kong", 2020, Multimedia: Etching, Drawing, 56 x 76 cm each, Artist collection     

About the Artist

Aki Sung Oi-yau was born in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017. Human emotions and social atmosphere are central to her art practice. She often uses nature, bodies and faces as creative elements to convey these themes. Her recent artworks focus on drawing, printmaking, and illustration. Keen on creating zines and books, Sung has published zines in the past. She hopes that her work can break through limitations of mediums, emerging as something original and fresh.

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About the Exhibit

“Landscape Project” is an art project initiated by Aki Sung Oi-yau during her residency in Iceland. Based on inspiration and research from nature, Sung interprets natural scenery with her personal emotions. In “Landscape-Hong Kong”, Sung fuses three memorable scenes with distorted bodies. Seemingly struggling in a cramped space, these bodies represent what Hong Kong looks like from her point of view. Perhaps in the near future, her white-on-white images may be whitewashed; but for the artist, this will be the fate of Hong Kong sooner or later.

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