Chivas Leung Wai-yan

Can we skip to the happy finale?, 2020

Intaglio: Etching, Aquatint
49 x 69 cm
Artist collection

Chivas Leung Wai-yan, "Can we skip to the happy finale?", 2020, Intaglio: Etching, Aquatint, 49 x 69 cm, Artist collection

About the Artist

Chivas Leung Wai-yan (b.1994) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018. Her art practice focuses mainly on painting, drawing and printmaking. She sees art-making as a ritual to complete memory, as the irreversible nature of life prompts her to vividly recall past memories. Leung’s art is always “based on a true story”: while anecdotes in her works are often adapted from real-life experiences, they are imaginary. Those stories contain secret clues to retrieve the missing pieces in her memory. What is important, after all, is to commemorate all those times she had.

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About the Exhibit

Many souls disappeared last summer. They were engulfed in seemingly unsuspicious ways. Many still believe this city is a paradise where life carries on and the world remains the same. In Chivas Leung Wai-yan’s intaglio print, bizarre events happen one after another; behind happy faces in the image is looming danger. Utopia is simply an illusion, and the future is an unknown. Leung’s imagination resembles fairy tales: it contains satirical commentary on the real world. She hopes that reality will be just like a movie with an inevitable happy ending, wherewe could reunite and dance in joy.

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