Lam Lok-san

Video Call, 2020

Relief Print: Woodblock, Reduction
76 x 56.5 cm
Artist collection

Lam Lok-san, "Video Call", 2020, Relief Print: Woodblock, Reduction, 76 x 56.5 cm, Artist collection

About the Artist

Lam Lok-san graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Printmaking. His work was shortlisted for the 20th National Print Exhibition and collected by the Heilongjiang Art Museum in 2013. It was also showcased in the Guanlan International Print Biennial (China Printmaking Museum, 2015). He is currently a Printer Trainee at Hong Kong Open Printshop, and was an assistant tutor at Hanyang Studio. As a tutor and assistant for numerous woodblock printing workshops, Lam is keen on promoting print art to the public.

About the Exhibit

As the pandemic has brought challenges and difficulties to our lives, we gradually adapt to the new normal of our social life. For long-distance couples, meeting each other is not easy. Although Lam Lok-san and his partner are only a river away from each other, video calls have become their only way to see each other’s faces during the pandemic. Lam’s partner once asked him: “When can we meet?” For Lam, video-calling does allow them to see each other, but unstable signal can turn faces into pixelated, blurry silhouettes. In this work, Lam Lok-san recreates screenshots of his video calls. As he carves numerous tiny dots, woodblock printing becomes a refuge from the intense longing for his partner.

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