Print & Carve Dept.

New Paradise No. 17, 2019

Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric
105 x 197 cm
Artist collection

Print and Carve Department, "New Paradise No. 17", 2019, Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric, 105 x 197 cm, Artist collection

About the Artist

Print & Carve Dept. is established by a group of friends who are interested in printmaking and are concerned about social issues. Different from professional printmaking collectives, their intention for setting up the Department was not to teach printmaking, but to explore the possibilities of making art collectively and creating images related to the society and politics.

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About the Exhibit

In 2018, Woodblock Printing Collective was invited by Tokyo-based infoshop Irregular Rhythm Asylum to participate in the exhibition Seven Questions For Asia of the Kuandu Biennale. Inspired by the exhibition, they started creating “New Paradise No. 17” with the theme of “Connecting Asia”. The concept was based on the painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”. The bridge at the centre of the print symbolises “crossing” and “connection”. In the print, people attempt to resist capitalism with music, parties and art, moving towards a new paradise full of hope. The group spent seven months to complete this print at the Do-it-Together space “Trapped Citizen” in Taipei.

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