Woodblock Printing Collective

Guarding Daguan, 2018

Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric
68 x 87 cm
Artist collection

Woodblock Printing Collective, "Guarding Daguan", 2018, Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric, 68 x 87 cm, Artist collection
About the Artist

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About the Exhibit

“Guarding Daguan” is a print created by Woodblock Printing Collective in support of the Daguan Anti-Eviction Movement. Daguan is located in New Taipei City’s Banqiao district. After World War II, soldiers and families of the nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) took shelter in Daguan. At the time, the government was unable to meet people’s housing needs, so many had to build what they thought to be temporary homes, hence forming numerous military dependents’ villages. Informal settlements like Daguan is not uncommon in Taiwan, as urbanisation has driven property prices out of reach. Daguan residents included not only military veterans and their dependents, but also those at the bottom of the society, such as rural immigrants, mainland Chinese spouses of Taiwan citizens and the elderly. The government declared Daguan an illegal occupation and sued its residents for ownership of their homes. In March 2019, the government ordered the demolition of Daguan. In August, the original site of Daguan was nothing but ruins.

To learn more about the Daguan Anti-Eviction Movement, please click here.

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